Undergraduate Majors

The undergraduate College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences is the largest and most varied college at DePaul University. The college is committed to providing its approximately 6,000 students with a stimulating and meaningful education that balances in-depth study in more than 30 areas with a breadth of experience in the various disciplines that form the core of human knowledge, through the Liberal Studies Program.

This commitment to liberal education is further reflected in a faculty that is as strongly committed to teaching as it is to research; in curricular practices that discourage students from concentrating in one subject area to the exclusion of all others; and in the college’s encouragement of interdisciplinary areas of study that underline the connections and unities among the various areas of knowledge

The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences offers extensive advising, content area tutoring, technological resources, and workshops to assist students. We encourage our students to participate in research, service learning, study abroad and internship opportunities.