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Alumni News

The college's alumni newsletter, "LAS Insights," provides information on past, present and future developments in the college.

LAS Insights, Autumn 2016

LAS Insights, Fall​ 2016​​
DePaul Humanities Center Sparks Creative Thought and ​ Engagement 
Preservation of Knowledge: Alumna strives to record Native American legacy
LAS Insights, Spring 2015

LAS Insights, Spring 2015

The Center for Latino Research celebrates 30 years on campus.

DePaul, Rush University Medical Center launch the Center for Community Health Equity.

LAS Insights, Winter 2015

LAS Insights, Winter 2015

Sommelier and Professor Clara Orban lends her wine expertise to the DePaul community.

Notes from Interim Dean, Lucy Rinehart.

LAS Insights, Autumn 2014

LAS Insights, Fall 2014

A farewell to Dean Chuck Suchar.

Discover Chicago commemorates 20th anniversary.

LAS Insights, Autumn 2013

LAS Insights, Fall 2013

Assistant Professor Morag Kersel uses unmanned aerial vehicles to survey an archaeological looting site in Jordan.

AMD faculty artwork enhances library's new space.

LAS Insights, Summer 2013

LAS Insights, Summer 2013

Miles Harvey’s “How Long Will I Cry?”

"The Store Next Door" promotes cross-cultural food consumption and appreciation