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Michael Gregory

  • Visiting Assistant Professor
  • Anthropology
  • Faculty
  • 773/325-4873
  • 2343 N. Racine, Room 201

Professor Gregory is an archaeologist who has worked in a variety of academic, research, and cultural resources management settings. He earned a PhD (2002) from Arizona State University and began teaching at DePaul University as an adjunct faculty member during autumn 2009.

As a field archaeologist, his experience includes investigations of prehistoric and historical sites located in the American Southwest, Upper Midwest, and Mid-Atlantic regions. His primary research interests are the late, Late Prehistoric and Contact periods of the Upper Midwest; historical farmstead and mining sites of North America; 19th-century material culture; archaeological palynology; rural economic behavior of the late 18th through early 20th centuries; and Southwestern prehistory.

Tying many of these interests together is an underlying focus on the expansion of the world capitalistic systems, which drew Native Americans and rural Euro-Americans into its market system, and lead to modified social and physical landscapes. These interests, as well as others, are brought to the classroom, where he introduces undergraduates to basic concepts about the past, culture, and change. Professor Gregory directs one of the Chicago-area field schools offered through DePaul University.