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Student Spotlight

2016 Catholic Studies Award Winners

Haley Delaney, Prendergast Medal
​I was recently awarded with the Prendergast Medal for a paper I wrote in one of my Liberal Studies classes, “Religion and Popular Culture” with Fr Christopher Robinson.  One of my favorite things about my time at DePaul is the very wide variety of classes that can fulfill the Liberal Studies requirements and I’ve gotten the chance to take some of the most interesting classes imaginable.  At the end of my freshman year I was lucky enough to get into a class called “Harry Potter: Welcome to Hogwarts” for my focal point seminar requirement.  After being on the waitlist for ages I finally was accepted into a fantastic class where I received the majority of the sources I ended up using to write my final paper for another great class, “Religion and Popular Culture,” which I took the first quarter of this year. My paper was written about Catholicism and Harry Potter and it was very fun for me to write because these are two topics that have been apart of my life since I was very young, and continue to be a part of my life today.  I heard about the Pendergast award and submitted this paper, honestly not even considering that I could win because it seemed impossible to me that I could be awarded for something I had so much fun writing.

​Ryan Martire, Paulson Award 

​I am a Catholic Studies major here at DePaul. While here at the DePaul I had the tremendous blessing last summer to go overseas to Calcutta, India to do mission work with the Missionaries of Charity. Along with doing this mission trip, I had the opportunity to make it into an Independent Catholic Studies course under the direction of Professor Michael Budde. 

Throughout high school I read books from Blessed Mother Teresa. I was deeply inspired how she had a very devout prayer life, and gave her love for God which came through her prayer life to the poorest of the poor. It was with foundation that the inspiration came to write the paper The Eyes of Christ. It was titled The Eyes of Christ because it was His Eyes that I saw in so many of the poor at the Sister's Home for the Dying in Calcutta. I wanted to unveil the truth that the purpose of mission work is for the salvation of souls, something which Blessed Mother Teresa dedicated her whole life to.

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