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Publishing Certificate

The Certificate in Publishing requires sixteen credit hours and welcomes students who have earned a bachelor's degree in any field.
The Certificate in Publishing can broaden and strengthen the preparation of students seeking to work in the publishing industry. This program serves students in graduate programs at DePaul as well as students-at-large interested in various aspects of publishing. Course offerings focus on book, magazine/journal, and digital publishing, and a wide array of internship opportunities allows students to gain practical skills and to network in the field.

Program Requirements:

  • Three graduate courses in publishing. These courses may be chosen from among the following:
    • ENG 477 TOPICS IN PUBLISHING. This course may be repeated with
      different topics that include:
           American Literary Magazine
           Book Editing
           Book Production
           Book Launching/Publicity
           Digital Publishing
           The Independent Press
    • ENG 496 EDITING

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