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Student Spotlight

Alex Anderl is junior majoring in English literary studies and minoring in Classics. He works at DePaul's University Center for Writing-based Learning as a peer-writing tutor.  Alex will deliver his paper, "Gazing, Perspective, and Understanding in Byron’s The Giaour" at the 10th International Student Byron Conference in Messolognhi, Greece.  His paper makes use of postcolonial theory as well as Dante’s theories of vision expressed in the Divine Comedy to read Byron’s poem in a new way.

“Through emphasis on gazing, sight, and eyes,” Anderl argues, “Byron depicts the East in a way that causes the modern reader to raise question of pertaining to fidelity, love, and confession. Byron creates different lenses in The Giaour to invoke the reader to wonder, but most importantly, to critically analyze the situations described.”

Student Spotlight Alex Anderl
Undergraduate Alex Anderl seizes his passion for travel on Mount Olympus in
He is an honored recipient of a $500 grant from the Byron Society of America, the first undergraduate to be so honored. The committee consisted of Prof. Charles Robinson of University of Delaware, an internationally known Mary Shelley scholar, and Dr. Doucet Fischer, editor of manuscripts for Romantics Reviewed and curator of Shelley and His Circle at the New York Public library. To support his presentation at the International Student Byron Conference, Alex received a grant from DePaul University’s Department of English, arranged by Department Chair Francesca Royster, and a grant on behalf of Rosa Florou and The Messolonghi Byron Society.

After his undergraduate studies, Alex will pursue a PhD in 18th and 19th century British literature. As an Eagle Scout, he enjoys all things outdoors. Alex hopes to travel the world, write a novel, and start his own cigar company. He is also a stained glass, mosaic, and lampworking artist.