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Student Resources


South Asian Awareness Network SAAN is a student organization at the University of Michigan. SAAN aims to establish an annual South Asian conference for South Asian and non-South Asian students alike.


The National Association of Asian American Professionals A non-profit organization educating members through professional development and raising Asian American awareness in corporate America.

Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA) The official website of the Asian American Journalists Association. This organization's mission is to work for fair and accurate media coverage of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and to encourage AAPIs to pursue careers in the field of journalism.


Asian American Net The mission of Asian American Net is to promote and strengthen cultural, educational, and commercial ties between Asia and North America. This website serves as a portal to other Asian influenced content providers.


Asian-Nation: The Landscape of Asian America Professor C. N. Le’s website provides an overview of historical, demographic, political and cultural issues relevant to the Asian American community. He compares it to an online version of "Asian Americans 101."

Asians In America On-line Magazine This website is a great source for news and information on Asian America.

Hyphen Magazine Hyphen is a national magazine for urban, in-the-know Asian Americans. Covering arts, culture and politics with substance, style and sass, Hyphen has become a media must for one of the fastest growing populations in America.


Pinoy Mall This website is an online storefront for Filipino youth culture items such as t-shirts, movies and music. 

SHEI Magazine SHEI is a student run pop-culture magazine that aims to provide students with a venue to explore their interests in Asian culture. 

SomeKoreanChick Anonymous Korean-American woman working in Hollywood and blogging on pop culture, Korean/American society, and the harsh realities of life.


Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association The APAMSA is a national organization representing over 15,000 Asian Pacific American (APA) medical and aiming to improve health care for APA patients.


Center for Educational Telecommunications A non-profit organization devoted to producing, publishing and consulting in the area of multiculturalism, with a special interest in Asian and Asian American concerns.


Library of Congress Some strategic searching at this site may yield some usable, historical photographs.

The annotations that accompany each of these Web resources are quotes or paraphrases from the websites' mission statements or descriptions.