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Public Service Management (MS)

​The Master of Science in Public Service Management (PSM) offers students a broad-based education with which they can pursue careers in fundraising and philanthropy, health care administration, higher education administration, metropolitan planning and urban affairs, non-profit administration, association management and public policy.

Program Concentrations

While not required, concentrations are available for students in the PSM program with specialized interests and careers. There are three concentrations from which to choose:

Health Care Administration. This concentration teaches students the managerial and analytical skills necessary to understand and influence the processes through which hospitals, associated health care organizations, and public and private agencies provide health care in the United States.

Higher Education Administration. For managers in post-secondary institutions of learning, this concentration teaches necessary analytical and administrative skills. The coursework helps students develop an understanding of management principles, policy analysis and research within higher education.

Metropolitan Planning and Urban Affairs. This concentration provides students with a broad perspective on issues relating to land use, transportation, housing, economic development and related social problems. It instills an understanding of the institutional and analytical issues affecting units of government, planning agencies and other urban public service institutions.

(Students can also pursue a standard concentration offered online or on-site.)

Program Length

To graduate, you must successfully complete a minimum of 52 credit hours of graduate credit. Each course carries four credit hours. Electives account for 16 credit hours.

The length of time to complete the program varies. Some students pursuing the degree full-time (two courses per quarter) finish in two years. Others take one course a quarter and complete their program requirements in three to four years. Students often switch between full and part time status throughout their academic, dependent on their personal and professional duties.

Program Participants

There are currently 185 students enrolled in the MPS degree program. 

Certificate Options

The MS in MPS may also be expanded to include select graduate certificate programs. The combined programs require either the completion of additional coursework or careful elective selection to fulfill all requirements. Certificates are available in:

  • Community Development
  • Metro Planning and Development

If you're interested in a certificate combination with MPS, a separate application process is required. Contact the program office for additional information.