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Study Abroad

HAA 235: Russia: Medieval Moments, Imperial Days, and White Nights in Novgorod and St. Petersburg(Formerly ART 244)|
This study abroad program in Russia allows students the opportunity to explore Novgorod, the medieval trading emporium and center of Orthodox spirituality, and the Russian imperial gem of St. Petersburg, while studying medieval art and the history of Imperial Russia. Both cities have been designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites and showcase the best of medieval and modern Russia by providing one of the worlds richest ensembles of urban planning, art, architecture, and historical treasures.

The program begins in Novgorod, one of the best preserved architectural and archaeological complexes from the Middle Ages. Its monuments provide an unparalleled opportunity for students to climb the walls of medieval forts, walk the streets of the old city, visit churches and monasteries that have functioned for over a thousand years, and observe the uncovering of new artifacts by archaeologists. The group then heads to St. Petersburg, which represents both a chronological and symbolic shift from the Old Russia of the Middle Ages to the Imperial Russia of Peter I and his successors. Participants will see the grandeur and splendor of the palaces, parks, and grand promenades of this planned window to the west, while discussing the sacrifices the Russian people made for their rulers to sustain such a lifestyle. (Cross listed with Catholic Studies; History; also available for credit as HAA 397).