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Kaveh Ehsani

Kaveh Ehsani is assistant professor of International Studies at DePaul University. Prior to joining DePaul University he was an associate director of the Jomhur Institute of Social Research and a member of the editorial board of the Goftogu Quarterly in Iran, and a contributing editor of Middle East Report in Washington DC.

Ehsani has had extensive experience working on international regional development projects. He has worked as a regional planner in Iran on the post-war reconstruction of the Khuzestan province, and as a consultant and adviser to the first elected City Council of Tehran, and the Parliament Research Center on rural development projects. He has taught at the University of Illinois in Chicago and at the Central European University in Budapest.

His fields of interest include urban geography, critical social theory, and the political economy of development projects and their social and environmental repercussions. Currently he is working on a social history and geography of the oil industry in the Middle East.  He has also written extensively on the domestic and international politics of contemporary Iran.  He is a regular media commentator and analyst on Iranian politics.

Currently he is completing a book titled Oil and Society in Iran; Abadan and Urban Modernity in 20th Century (Brill Publishers).

Middle East Society and Politics; Political Economy; Social Theory; Urban Studies; Human Geography of Oil; Development Studies; Environmental Studies

Complex Social Organizations (Markets and Power; Social Classes); Middle East Politics and Society; Globalization; International Politics of Environment (Oil and Society); Reading Marxs Capital; Senior Seminar; Evolution of the Modern State; Multiculturalism

Leiden University; Faculty of Social Sciences, PhD, 2014
University of Massachusetts-Amherst , MA in Regional Planning, 1987 
University of Massachusetts-Amherst, BA in Economics, 1983


The New Politics of Post-Revolution Iran. Co-authored with Arang Keshavarzian, Norma Moruzzi, and Chris Toensing. (London: Verso, under contract)
Oil and Society; Abadan and Urban Modernity in 20th Century Iran. (Book monograph in preparation (under pre-contract with E.J.Brill)

Book Chapters and Articles:

Radical democratic politics and public space, International Journal of Middle East Studies 46:1 (February 2014)

Politics of Property in the Islamic Republic of Iran. In Said Amir-Arjomand and Nathan Brown, editors. The Rule of Law, Islam, and Constitutional Politics in Egypt and Iran (Albany: State University of New York Press, 2013): 158-178

2011. Slaps in the face of reason, in The People Reloaded: The Green Movement and the Struggle for Irans Future, edited by Nader Hashemi and Danny Postel (New York: Melville House), co-authored with Arang Keshavarzian and Norma Claire Moruzzi

Privatizing the Commons in the Islamic Republic. Goftogu. 56. Fall 2010 (in Persian)

The urban provincial periphery in Iran: revolution and war in Ramhormoz. In Ali Gheissari, editor.Contemporary Iran (New York: Oxford University Press, 2009)

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