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Irish Studies

Irish Cliffs

The Irish Studies Program at DePaul University is an interdisciplinary field that offers an undergraduate minor, which examines the history, literature, politics, geography, religion, and culture of Ireland, as well as the Irish Diaspora and the contemporary integration of Ireland within globalized systems of political economy, international relations, travel and communication.

Upcoming Events

  • An Evening with Desmond Egan

    Join us for an evening with Irish poet Desmond Egan. Egan is the author of 23 collections of poetry, two works or prose and two translations of Greek plays.

    A founder of the Gerard Manley Hopkins Festival in 1987, Egan remains Artistic Director of the festival today.

    His poem "Peace" was translated into 35 languages as part of the international Millennium celebrations. Egan and his work have received awards from organizations in France, Italy, Japan, Macedonia, and the United States.

    This event is free and Open to the public