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Journal of Islamic Law and Culture

Journal of Islamic Law and Culture publishes scholarly articles and reviews on Islamic law, with an emphasis on the significance of law in the intersection of Western and Muslim legal culture. It is deeply concerned with the Muslim experience with the West, particularly as this exchange has been expressed in legal ideas.

The journal brings together experts in Islamic law, religion and culture to consider both issues of division and opportunities for cooperation, whether rooted in classical Sharia or modern culture.

The Journal is published three times a year: spring, summer and autumn. To view a sample copy or to order a subscription to the Journal, please visit Routledge's website.

Submissions are welcome from the legal and non-legal communities, as well as Muslim and non-Muslim authors. Please visit the submission guidelines page for more detailed instructions.

This publication was entitled Journal of Islamic Law for the first four volumes (Spring/Summer 1996 through Fall/Winter 1999 under ISSN 1085-7141).