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Submission Guidelines

The Journal of Islamic Law & Culture is published thrice annually with the purpose of fostering a deeper understanding of the law, public policy, Islamic religion and culture in America’s, and the world’s, political and legal communities through scholarship and dialogue.

The Journal invites the submission of manuscripts from the legal and non-legal communities; from Muslim and non-Muslim researchers. The editors are particularly interested in articles treating issues relating to Islam and Muslims worldwide, and comparative topics addressing Islam and other religious or cultural traditions. Articles must be submitted via email to in a standard word processing format (e.g., Microsoft Word). Formatting style should conform to the current edition of The Oxford Standard for Citation of Legal Authorities. References and notes must be set out in footnotes, not endnotes. An alphabetized reference list must also accompany the submission. The Journal is a refereed publication. The review process is double blind.

The Journal also invites exceptional undergraduate and graduate students to submit notes to the Journal dealing with topics in the field. Student notes should follow all aforementioned formatting and style criteria.