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​The Islamic World Studies Program takes a holistic approach to advising its Majors and Minors. We know that students are not only concerned about the requirements for their degrees, but how they can construct their degree to set them up for future success in life. We understand the connection between the critical thinking and analysis that happens in our courses and their application in "the real world."

How do I see who my advisor is?

You can find your adivsor in Campus Connect under the following path:
          Main Menu >> Self Service >> Student Center >> My Advisors
For all Islamic World Studies Studies Majors, your advisor is Dr. Mark DeLancey​

How do I schedule an appointment with my advisor?

​There are two ways to schedule an appointment with the advisor of Religious Studies:
  • Around the fourth week of each quarter, the Islamic World Studies Program will send an email to its Majors with pre-set advising hours and ask students to sign up for a time slot. These advising hours are optional to students and strongly encouraged.
  • Students are always free to email their advisor to schedule an appointment. Currently, the advisor for Religious Islamic World Studies Majors is Dr. Mark DeLancey​​

How often should I meet with my advisor?

​It is encouraged that you meet with your advisor at least once per year. Students who are considering a degree change or are looking to apply for degree conferral and graduation should schedule an appointment with their advisor before taking action.

What are my Islamic World Studies degree requirements?

​You can review your Major Core requirements on the University Catalog at the following link:

You can review the specific Concentration requirements at the following links:

What are my Islamic World Studies Minor requirements?

​You can review your Minor requirements on the University Catalog at the following link: