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Graduate Program

​​​WRD’s Master of Arts in ​New Media Studies​ is DePaul’s oldest graduate program in the study and production of interactive media.  Since 2002, hundreds of students from the full range of undergraduate majors have passed through this rich, interdisciplinary, cross-college program on the way to rewarding positions in industry, non-profits, and education. 

Working collaboratively with each other and professionally engaged faculty members, NMS students examine ways to both create and better understand content strategies, web and interactive design and development, and the transformation of visual and written communication on digital platforms and in digital culture more broadly. We accomplish these learning goals by combining theoretical expertise drawn from humanities approaches with hands-on, project-based learning opportunities.

Among media-program options at DePaul, NMS remains unique in allowing students to design their own program of elective study.   In addition to core courses exploring the history and theory of media and technology, interactive design, and relationships among text and image, students may augment the five-course NMS core with electives in the liberal arts or in most of DePaul’s other colleges, where their core preparation is highly valued.  With the advice and recommendation of the program director, NMS students have self-designed course sequences in, for example, advanced coding or digital cinema (CDM), marketing (Kellstadt), public relations and advertising (Communication) or some creative combination.  NMS students may even complete DePaul’s new Graduate Certificate in Digital Humanities entirely as NMS electives.  The MA in New Media Studies allows you to tailor your media-rich educational experience to your own background and goals.