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Elective Pathways

NMS’s core + elective structure offers students a rich opportunity to craft their coursework around their interests and learning goals. Students take five required core courses in NMS, including an introductory Proseminar at the beginning of their program and a project-based Workshop capstone at the end of their program.

For their seven elective courses, however, NMS students can take graduate-level classes from programs across the university. For example, students interested in new media and marketing can take electives in DePaul’s Marketing program, or in DePaul’s Public Relations and Advertising program. Students interested in digital video production can take courses in DePaul’s Digital Cinema program, or take digital storytelling classes in the NMS program. Students interested in user interface and user experience design can take courses in DePaul’s Human Computer Interaction (HCI) program. Students interested writing web content or in Digital Humanities work can take courses in Writing, Rhetoric, and Discourse; or in English; or in the College of Communication; or in courses provided in New Media Studies itself. Many students mix courses from different programs to create the unique skills profiles and portfolios relevant to their intended fields.

The core + elective structure means that students build their own knowledge around their own learning and career goals.

Elective Courses

In addition to the five course courses, students take seven elective courses. These courses can be selected from programs across the university. They can also be selected from non-core courses within NMS itself. Generally speaking, students will match their seven elective courses to their larger learning and career goals. Grouping electives around career goals create what we call pathways. The following pathways are simply examples of possible student elective programs based on learning or career goals. All courses listed below have been offered recently at DePaul.

Web Design and Coding Pathway

This pathway would be appropriate for students who want top develop their skills as web designers and project managers. It provides students with a groundwork for designing web experiences while effectively managing web developers. 

  • NMS530: HTML/CSS
  • NMS509: Topics in NMS - Designing for Mobile
  • NMS509: Topics in NMS - Managing Web Interactivity
  • NMS509: Topics in NMS - Content Management Systems
  • HCI402: Foundations of Digital Design
  • HCI440: Introduction to User-Centered Design
  • HCI454: Interaction Design and Information Architecture 

Writing and Content Strategy Pathway

This pathway would be appropriate for students who want top develop their skills as content strategists and producers in online environments. It combines a focus on written and multimedia (video, audio) content production with contemporary best practices for designing and implementing a variety of new media campaigns. 

  • NMS509: Topics in NMS - Social Media Content Strategy
  • NMS509: Topics in NMS - Multimedia Content Strategy
  • WRD522: Writing in the Professions
  • WRD530: Topics in Professional Writing - Digital Storytelling
  • PRAD595: Topics in Public Relations/Advertsing - Business Models for Social Media
  • PRAD595: Topics in Public Relations/Advertising - Creating Effective Social Media Campaigns
  • MKT595: Internet and Interactive Marketing

Digital Humanities Pathway

This pathway might be taken by a student who is combining the MA in New Media Studies with a Certificate in Digitial Humanities. It is appropriate for students who want to continue a degree in DH in a PhD program, or students who would like to work in digital humanities related fields. 

  • DHS500: Introduction to Digital Humanities (certificate requirement)
  • GEO440: Places, Humanities, and Geographical Information Systems (certificate requirement)
  • NMS580: Markup and Text Encoding in the Humanities (certificate requirement)
  • NMS540: Digital Archives
  • NMS509: Topics in NMS: XML and Content Management
  • ENG469: Digital Humanites for 19th Century American Literature
  • WRD520: Computers and Writing

Note that these pathways make up only a small sampling of possible elective routes through the NMS program. Students could focus much more heavily, for example, on courses in digital cinema by taking electives in DePaul's digital cinema program, or focus more on other topics, like interactive marketing. ​