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Miklos Gosztonyi

Miklos Gosztonyi is completing his Ph.D. in Political Science at Northwestern University on the formation of the state in South Sudan, and holds a Masters degree in International Relations from Sciences Po, Paris.

His research interests include state-building, peace-building, peacekeeping, reconciliation processes following civil wars, humanitarian aid, and human rights.

He traveled to Sudan and South Sudan multiple times between 2007 and 2011 to do dissertation fieldwork. He lived for a year in South Sudan in 2011, where he worked as an electoral and political observer for the Carter Center. He went back in 2012 to conduct a survey at a refugee camp, and is hoping to return to South Sudan in the near future.

Miklos has taught at DePaul’s Peace, Justice & Conflict Studies three courses since 2012: PAX 210:International Conflict and Peacebuilding; PAX 218: Human Rights: Promises and Problematics; and PAX 240: Voices of War and Peace: Art, Literature and Film.