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Nonprofit Management (MNM)

The Master of Nonprofit Management (MNM)​ in the School of Public Service builds competencies in areas of expertise that are essential to today's nonprofit professionals:
  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Ethics
  • Advocacy

Program Highlights

Integrating best practices in nonprofit management with DePaul's rich, globally focused curriculum, the MNM degree was designed specifically to correspond with the curriculum goals of the Nonprofit Academic Centers Council.

Program Length

To graduate, you must successfully complete a minimum of 52 credit hours (13 courses). Some students pursuing the MNM degree full-time (2 courses per quarter) finish in two years. Others take one course a quarter and complete the program requirements in three to four years. Students often switch between full and part-time status depending on their personal and professional constraints.

Program Participants

There are currently 87 students enrolled in the MNM degree program.