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Welcome from the Chair

Welcome to the department of sociology at DePaul University. The department enjoys a location in the heart of Chicago and a tradition that began in 1922.  The department's 15 full time faculty, academic advisor, and adjunct instructors with professional expertise offer our program to 290 undergraduate majors and 40 graduate students.

Sociology is the study of groups, institutions, interactions, and the self in society. Sociologists explore areas such as law and society, health-care institutions, family life, criminology, urban development, social psychology, sports, education, political and economic behavior, and media, culture, and the arts. Our curriculum reflects this range and we offer a large variety of courses and concentrations organized around a strong core of methods (how we know) and theory (how we explain). Our students complete the program with up-to-date research skills and knowledge.

Our location in Chicago gives students access to internships, community-service placements, and field research experiences as well as the many opportunities of a global city. With its ethnic diversity and global economic dynamism, Chicago serves as a unique setting for research, public service, and career development.

Sociology can be applied to the world around us so a degree in sociology opens career paths in fields such as public health, law and law enforcement, non-profit and community-service agencies, the media, government, and research organizations. Many of our alumni pursue professional degrees in areas that include law, public health, criminal justice, social work, public policy, marketing, and management of businesses and non-profit organizations, as well as the MA and PhD degrees in sociology.