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Jill Weinberg

  • Visiting Assistant Professor
  • Sociology
  • Faculty
  • 990 West Fullerton Avenue, 1115

Jill D. Weinberg is a sociologist, lawyer, and a Research Associate at the American Bar Foundation whose research examines the social construction of consent in communities that lie at the margins of law.  She teaches undergraduate and graduate  courses on deviant behavior, research methods, gender, and death. Her book project explores the relationship between law and culture in the construction of consent. The project, funded by the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction, as well as Northwestern University, is a study based on two years of ethnographic research and 92 semi-structured interviews of participants involved in activities where consenting to pain and injury is central to the activity but carry different legal statuses under criminal battery law: illegal sexual sadomasochism (BDSM) and legally permitted mixed martial arts (MMA). When the law proscribes a persons consent to an activity, consent is constructed and regulated by the participants engaged in the conduct. By contrast, when law recognizes a persons consent in an activity, consent becomes constructed and regulated by an authority rather than by participants themselves. And, where consent does not enjoy the force of law, participants are paradoxically safer.    She is widely published in journals such as Sociological Methods & Research, Sociological Science, and Law & Social Inquiry. She is a regular a contributor for the Huffington Post," and the The Life of the Law, a multimedia program devoted to discussions about law in everyday life. Opinion editorials based on her research have appeared in outlets such as the Talking Points Memo, "Truth-Out," and the Advocate, the largest U.S. circulating magazine devoted to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender issues (LGBT)." 

Research Interests

  • Sociology of Law
  • Deviance
  • Gender and Sexuality
  • Death
  • Research Methods


Constructing Consent: Sex, Sports & the Politics of Pain (in progress)

Jill D. Weinberg, Jeremy Freese, and David McElhattan, A Comparison of Demographics, Data Quality, and Experimental Results of Online Population-Based and Crowdsource Samples, Sociological Science (2014).

Jill D. Weinberg, Remaking Lawrence, Virginia Law Review, In Brief 98:61-70 (2012).