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Chaddick Scholars

The Chaddick Scholars is a great way to interact with professionals and individuals interested in the field of metropolitan planning. This program is designed for graduate students looking to gain real-world experience in urban planning and community development. After being accepted into the program, candidates become ambassadors of the institute and participate in immersion trips to explore various cities, volunteer opportunities, and professional networking events. The Chaddick Scholars Program typically starts one month into the new academic year and ends in May.

To learn about the program requirements and for program kick-off dates, please contact us at or 312.362.5731.

Past Scholars

Meet our Scholar Candidates

Joe Cunanan, Pasquale DiDiana, Elizabeth Grisanzio, Anne Lynch, Brian Terrell, Natalie Topp, and Joana Zaidan

Valerie Egon, Jeff Fredericksen, Jenny Godinez, Megan Overbey, Emily Reilly, Gary Scott, William Stefaniuk, and James Wong

Alyssa Battaglia, Jamela Clark, Brandi DeLoatch, Ryan Forst, Blaire MacHarg, Brian Pigeon, Kelsey Somerville, Martina Stanley, and Kate Witherspoon

Derick Anderson, Sid Holcomb, Shawn Janzen, Wilmar Molina, Mark Patoska, Candice Torres, and Stephen Woodring

Caitlin Allen, Will Covert, Martin Ellinger-Locke, Leah Haas, Brian Izzo, Amy Kirsling, Paige Largent, Rebecca McAlpine, Elisa Sledzinska, Sara Wendelburg, and Jada Wollenzien

Antwon Bailey, Alice Bieszczat, Steven Field,  Justin Klusas, Suzanne Ostrovsky, and Jonathan Wittig

Andrew Pizzano, Eric Roach, Cyrus Khazai, and Fatih Takmakli

Erin Kelly, Lisa Koivu, Kateri Routh, Lisa Pagnucci, Sara Smith, and Lauren Fischer

Liezl Alcantara, Gretchen Anderson, Caitlyn Brennan, Peter Drake, Beau Gallegos, Brian Guyer, Michael Frigo, Dan Nakahara, Erika Radeke, Alyssa Schiffman, Melanie Silas, and Dale Wilson

Donna Cicinelli, Brian Guyer, Christie Hahn, Lauren Pike, Erika Radeke, Alyssa Schiffman, and Sonya Szot

Michelle Cullerton, Christine Drew, Alison Ferrari, Pamela Gayles, Joseph Kearney, Katie McCall, Janice Murphy, Shari Schwartz, and Gail Walker​