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Helping the Community

The Chaddick Institute offers services to nonprofit organizations and units of government to improve planning, economic development and the quality of life. We are currently engaged in a variety of projects to enhance community involvement in land-use planning. Below are some of our recently completed municipal projects and programs for school-aged students.

Ongoing Community Projects

Plan Commission Training Program with the American Planning Association-IL. The Chaddick Institute works in partnership with the American Planning Association, Illinois Chapter to provide trainings to municipal plan commissions and village boards. This program has been provided in more than two dozen communities over the past several years, typically at specially arranged times during the evening. For information about this program, please click here.

Completed Community Projects

Comprehensive Planning for the Village of University Park. The Institute assisted the village collect data to begin to develop a new comprehensive plan and community-outreach effort to refine community goals. This program was supported by the Illinois Department of Transportation.

Community Survey for Lake County. The Institute took a lead role in designing and implementing surveys of county residents and employees. We used this information to identify opportunities available to the county to enhance its organizational effectiveness.

Community Involvement in Chicago Public Schools. The Institute assisted the Chicago Public Schools conduct a survey of city residents about the city's unfolding Renaissance Schools Initiative.

FUND Consulting has collaborated with the Chaddick Institute on various community projects.Click here to learn more about FUND Consulting.

Leading Community Change: Working with Chicago Students
For several years, the institute has offered intensive urban planning programs for Chicago-area students. For example, Chaddick worked with Ace Technical High School, a construction and engineering focused charter school, located in Washington Park. The program, implemented by DePaul University's School of Public Service graduate students, included a five session program focusing on a different planning topic each session. The classes are a mix of in-class activities, meetings with planning professions, and field research.