Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development

Chaddick Municipal Development Award

Our annual Chaddick Municipal Development Award recognizes a suburban unit of government that has been innovative in managing the development review process to promote favorable outcomes over a period of four years or more. In the past, the award has recognized communities for innovative approaches in areas such as zoning, development approvals, subdivision regulation, design review, and sign control. The Chaddick Award is concerned primarily with identifying best practices and innovation within land use regulation and control rather than particular development projects. Our review panel takes into account the resources available for planning efforts in your community, so we encourage all municipalities, both large and small, to apply.

Historically, the Chaddick Institute has awarded one municipality for its fine work. However this year, Chaddick was fortunate to receive many outstanding nominations and has decided to award one Process Award and one Regulation Award! 

Winner of the 2013 Municipal Development Award: 
Village of La Grange

The Village of La Grange earned this award for its outstanding administrative process to streamline the zoning variation process for minor adjustments to zoning regulations. This new process is to address competing issues of controlling bulk for teardowns/new construction and prompting protection of existing historic housing. As a result, the variation process has been simplified and shortened.

The committee was impressed that the Village had adopted a staff review process that does not require the time and expense of a ZBA hearing. The process allows homeowners to update their properties with small additions, garages, unenclosed front porches which are consistent with the Village’s scale, character and charm.  The streamlined zoning process encouraged improvements to historic residential properties in older neighborhoods.

Winner of the 2013 Municipal Development Award:
Village of Schaumburg

The Village of Schaumburg earned this award for its excellence in the development review of the Woodfield Regional Center guidelines. The Woodfield Regional Center Overlay District (WRC) contains the Woodfield Mall as well as surrounding office, industrial, and retail/commercial space, including over 50 shopping centers and 20 hotels, a dozen car dealerships, and close to 200 restaurants. Therefore, quality design from a site layout, landscaping and architectural perspective is critical to the economic and aesthetic success of the area.

The committee was impressed that the informal, business friendly process is streamlined so proposals that are consistent with the design guidelines are approved quickly. In the ten years since the Village updated and revised the design guidelines, the new projects have met the Village’s aesthetic standards and the application of the guidelines has been well received by local businesses.

 Past Award Receipents

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Development Revitalization Award: Village of Oak Brook

Development Regulation Award
: City of St. Charles
Development Process Award: Village of Barrington

Development Process Award: Village of Arlington Heights’ Development Approval Process
Development Control Award: City of Warrenville’s Cantera General Site Plan

Development Control Award: Will County Land Use Department's Regulatory Transparency Efforts

Development Control Award
: Village of Algonquin’s Downtown Redevelopment Plan

Development Vision Award: Lake County’s Route 173 Corridor Council
Development Process Award: Village of Orland Park’s Design Review Process

Development Control Award: Village of Plainfield’s Design Review Guidelines
Development Process Award: City of Naperville’s Design Review Team