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Public Health

The mission of the Master of Public Health Program at DePaul University is the preservation, enrichment, transmission, and application of interdisciplinary knowledge in public health that emphasizes social justice, service to vulnerable populations, and excellence in public health practice. The program is a unique and applied example of DePaul’s identity with a mission to serve marginalized populations in urban communities. The curriculum provides a collaborative, applied approach to education, focusing on health promotion and disease prevention with individuals, families, communities, and organizations. The MPH program had a singular focus on Community Public Health Practice. The objective of the course of study is to provide students with the professional knowledge and skills they will need to identify and address community health needs.

The MPH program requires completion of 56 credits hours. All courses are taught in the evening (either on a Monday or Wednesday evening from 6:00 to 9:15 pm). The program is designed as a cohort program based on fifteen (15) required MPH courses and one required open elective course. Fourteen (14) of the courses are four credits hour courses and two (2) of the courses are zero hour courses.