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DePaul’s MA Program in Women’s and Gender Studies offers a cutting-edge curriculum that

  • focuses on the interconnectedness of local, global, and transnational feminist theories, methodologies, research, public policies and social movements
  • attends to interlocking systems of oppression and privilege—gender, race, sexuality, class, nation—to address issues of power, resistance and social transformation
  • connects feminist theories to activism and social justice
  • engages communities through research, advocacy and service

The MA Program in the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies is a 48 credit hour program (12 courses), including five core WGS courses, five or six elective courses organized around a focus tailored to the individual student’s needs, and a capstone Project chosen among three options—Thesis, Practical or Creative Project or Portfolio. Priority Deadline for applications: February 15.

For more information on the WGS master's program, please contact Dr. Ann Russo, WGS Graduate Program Director.