Pre-2008 Standard Concentration

A history major at DePaul can be tailored to meet your needs, interests and career goals. Besides the standard major, the History Department offers a pre-law concentration, designed for students whose career plans include law school or public service work.
By the time they graduate, all history majors are expected to have developed skills in the following five areas: analyzing primary sources, analyzing secondary sources, understanding context, conducting research, and presenting their ideas and findings effectively.

Common Core

200 Level

Six courses.  One from each of the following categories:

300 Level

Four Courses. Majors are encouraged to take these courses from at least two distinct geographic areas.

History Electives

Four additional courses from either the 200 or 300 level.

History majors will work with their faculty advisor to select courses that will enhance their historical knowledge. Six of these courses must have the faculty advisor's approval.

To become a history major:

Now it is even easier to become a history major our online form. The LAS college office will notify us of your declaration and we will assign you an advisor. Call, email, or stop by the office with any questions.