International Studies


Undergraduate Program: Bachelor of Arts

The International Studies Major is an interdisciplinary program that provides students with an informed and sophisticated understanding of the forces that shape their world.  Students who choose to major in the International Studies Program are more likely to be professionally oriented and are expected to go on to graduate school of some kind.

All majors are encouraged to apply for fellowships, scholarships, internships and foreign study program.  These experiences are openings to careers in diplomacy, international law, international commerce (both corporate and entrepreneurial), cross cultural communications, international civil and public service agencies (U.N., International Red Cross, etc.), U.S. military and foreign services, and advanced degrees in comparative research in the political, economic, anthropological, sociological, geographical, historical, or literary fields.

Graduate Program: Master of Arts in International Studies

The Master of Arts of International Studies provides well prepared graduates with the opportunity to become expert in the application of theory to problems affecting the international community. This program is designed to offer both a skills education of immediate relevance for working professionals and a preparatory education for students continuing on to professional schools.

The program’s curriculum focuses the student's attention on the application of theory through a thesis.  By that term, we include a broad set of possibilities. The scope of work can range from the interpretation of existing knowledge to the creation of new knowledge.  As in a traditional thesis requirement, a three person faculty committee will evaluate the academic quality of the work.

5 Year BA/MA Option in International Studies

The Department of International Studies offers a combined degree program that allows selected undergraduate International Studies majors the opportunity to complete both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree within five years. Students apply in the spring of their junior year. During the senior year, admitted students take three graduate-level courses that double-count toward undergraduate and graduate requirements. Starting in the winter 2014 term, students beginning the MA portion of a combined degree program will receive the Double Demon Scholarship. The Scholarship covers 25% of the tuition on the remaining MA courses.