Department of Modern Languages

Competence in Modern Language

Students who intend to graduate with the bachelor of arts degree will be required to demonstrate competence in a modern language. Such competence may be demonstrated in one or several ways: by completing the last course in the fourth-year high school sequence of any language, by achieving a score of 3 or higher on the Advanced Placement test, by a satisfactory score as determined by the modern language department on the CLEP examination, by scoring high enough on a placement test to begin the intermediate level of a language, or by taking appropriate course work. Note that CLEP scores may be used only to meet the College requirement. Credit is not awarded in Modern Language on the basis of CLEP scores. Students who wish to or who are required to do course work beyond the introductory level in a language must demonstrate competence in that language up to the target level. This can be done by taking a placement test (if available) or by consulting with the modern language department. Students with little or no previous work in the language will be required to complete the entire three course introductory sequence. B.A. students who meet college requirements and wish to pursue further work in the language may elect the "modern language option" of the Liberal Studies Program. While B.S. students are not required to demonstrate competency in a modern language, the modern language option is available to them for language study at any level.

Modern Language Option

The Modern Language Option is available to all B.A. students who wish to study a modern language beyond the level necessary to meet the college's language requirement and to B.S. students who wish to study a modern language at any level. Students selecting the option may substitute a three-course language sequence for two domain courses and one open elective. Students may use the modern language option to reduce their requirements by one course among two of the following combinations of learning domains. Philosophical Inquiry or Religious Dimensions; Understanding the Past or Self, Society and the Modern World; Arts and Literature or Scientific Inquiry (cannot substitute for the lab science requirement). Students majoring in one modern language may use the modern language option for study of a second language at the intermediate level or above. Please see your advisor for additional information about modern language course placement.