Marris Barazani, Horses in Collision Jne Alt Fulton, Untitled (Super 10 Nothing)


In the Department of Philosophy at DePaul University, the long and rich tradition of European thought remains an open and vital question, for that tradition is constantly being studied, reassessed, and extended by way of contemporary Continental modes of critique, as well as through comparative analysis with philosophical traditions from around the world, such as those of Asia, Africa, and Latin America.


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Philosophy Faculty Collection of Works from the DePaul University Museum
The images that you see above represent works owned by The DePaul University Museum. The Department of Philosophy faculty members have selected pieces from among the museum's holdings, which we found to be philosophically evocative and representative of some aspect of the work and thought that takes place in our department. The images on our homepage will rotate weekly through all of the faculty's selections, but to view the works selected altogether and to find out which works have been selected by which faculty member, go to the Philosophy Faculty Collection. Also, to see more from the museum's fine permanent collection, as well as a schedule of upcoming exhibitions and lectures, visit The DePaul University Museum website.

Left Image selected by: Prof. H. Peter Steeves, Horses in Collision, Morris Barazani
Right Image selected by:  Prof. Sean Kirkland, Untitled (Super 10 Nothing), Jane Alt Fulton