School of Public Service

Master of Nonprofit Management

The School of Public Service introduces a degree designed for today's nonprofit professional: the Master of Nonprofit Management (MNM).
Integrating best practices in nonprofit management with DePaul's rich, globally-focused curriculum, faculty designed the MNM degree specifically to correspond with the Nonprofit Academic Centers Council's curriculum goals for graduate students. This degree builds competencies in leadership, management, ethics, and advocacy, reflecting the areas of study that are important to today's students. 

There are currently 87 students enrolled in the MNM degree program.

Admission Requirements

  • A completed online application
  • Official transcripts from all colleges and/or universities attended
  • Two-page personal statement describing your educational and career goals, relevant work or volunteer experience, and any special circumstances affecting past or prospective academic performance
  • Current resume or curriculum vitae

Current students may visit Campus Connection for current course information. Prospective students may log on as a guest. Once on Campus Connection please select Course Descriptions followed by the department.

Required Courses
MPS 500 Introduction to Public Service Management
MPS 501 Cross Sector Analysis
MPS 515 Nonprofit Financial Administration
MPS 519 Resource Development
MPS 522 Human Resource Management
MPS 524 Marketing for Service Organizations
MPS 546 Advocacy and Lobbying
MPS 588 Introduction to Research and Statistics for Management (Pre-requisites: MPS 501 & MPS 515)
MPS 589 Advanced Research Methods and Statistics for Management (Pre- requisite: MPS 588)
MPS 593 Integrated Seminar (Pre- requisites: MPS 588 & MPS 589)
MPS 594 Ethical Leadership in Public Service (Pre-requisite: MPS 588)

In addition to the required core courses, you must choose two of the following electives :
MPS 513 Volunteerism in America
MPS 520 Values-Centered Leadership
MPS 521 Leadership and Management
MPS 523 Group Dynamics for Leaders
MPS 525 Working with an External Board
MPS 528 Foundation Management
MPS 529 Strategic Planning (Occasionally offered in Ireland)
MPS 530 Analyzing Nonprofits
MPS 561 Law and Nonprofit Organization
MPS 597 Fellows Seminar in Public Service
MPS 600 Independent Study
MPS 601 Internship
MPS 610 International Internship
MPS 611 Management of International NGO's