School of Public Service

Peace Corps Coverdell Fellowship

A new Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Program partnership between Peace Corps and DePaul University will provide expanded educational and service opportunities to Americans interested in making a difference abroad and at home. The Coverdell Fellows program offers graduate school scholarships and degree-related internships in underserved American communities to returned Peace Corps volunteers.

Fellows will be eligible to enroll in one of five degree programs in the School of Public Service: Public Service Management, International Public Service, Leadership and Policy Studies, Nonprofit Management, and Public Administration.

“The Peace Corps is delighted to have DePaul University as a partner in the Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Program,” Acting Peace Corps Director Carrie Hessler-Radelet said. “This new partnership enables returned Peace Corps volunteers to continue their work in public service through meaningful internships in underserved American communities. Experience overseas and graduate studies position Peace Corps Fellows to launch a career by combining coursework with service.”

Fellows will receive a $3,000 annual, academic year, scholarship and internships in underserved communities, allowing returned volunteers to bring the skills they acquired during service back home to make an impact in the United States. In addition, students will gain valuable experience and networking connections at nonprofit and governmental organizations.

Application Process:

The program has begun accepting applications for the Autumn 2014 quarter. Complete applications are due by August 1, 2014. Applicants for the Fellowship program must complete the Coverdell Fellows application.

The School of Public Service will award up to five Coverdell Fellowships per year beginning with Autumn 2014 quarter. Only new SPS students will be accepted.


Fellows receive a $3000 annual, academic year, tuition waiver which will continue for the student’s second year as long as the student maintains satisfactory progress in the academic program, is taking courses on a full-time basis (2 courses per term), and successfully completes an internship in the first year.

Fellows will be provided aid in the form of: scholarship (partial tuition waiver) and an application fee waiver. Fellows will be awarded $3000 per year ($1000 a quarter) in the form of a tuition waiver and the application fee waiver ($40) will be granted upon acceptance into the Coverdell Fellows program.

Fellows will be placed in internships with the Vincent on Leadership: The Hay Project. The internship includes various responsibilities such as researching, planning, marketing and implementing leadership training workshops for select nonprofit venues in Chicago. The intern will have the opportunity to work both independently and as a member of a team, while gaining hands-on experience in planning, marketing and delivering leadership development opportunities. In the process, the student will broaden his/her knowledge of values-based leadership, and more specifically, Vincentian leadership. The School of Public Service educates community leaders to serve in the values of St. Vincent DePaul; fellows will follow in this mission. Coverdell Fellows should expect to designate approximately 10 hours per week (flexible schedule; some work can be completed off site; some evening or weekend work may be required) for a total of 200 hours.

Alternatively, Coverdell Fellows are eligible to apply for six graduate assistantships positions at SPS. Eligibility includes a research background. The assistantship requires 20 hours of work in the office per week and includes 24 credit hours of tuition reimbursement for the academic year. Students in these positions receive a $7,000 stipend for their hourly work.

Fellows are also eligible for aid in these other forms: SPS needs based scholarships; Adult Student Service scholarships and research grants

Fellows cannot use funds towards participation in joint degree programs.


Ron Fernandes
Assistant Director, School of Public Service
Coverell Fellows Campus Coordinator