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LAS Offices

LAS Web Apps

LAS One Site​ - A single site that allows members of LAS to access all applications they have access to in one click.

20+ Quarter Hour Form - Allows LAS undergraduate students to obtain approval to register for more than 20 quarter hours in a single term. (View Instructions)

Final Requirements - Allows LAS graduate students to submit their Final Requirements Confirmation requests for approval by examiners and committee chair.

Graduate Declaration of Co​ncentration Form - Allows LAS graduate students to declare a concentration. (View Instructions)

HAA Symposium and Essay Prize Application​ - Allows students to submit their work for the HAA Symposium and/or Essay Prize.

Incomplete Grade Request Form: Allows LAS under​​graduate and graduate​ students and faculty to create a formal document detailing an incomplete grade request.

Independent Study Form - Allows graduate and undergraduate students to request enrollment in an independent study.  (View Instructions) (View Instructional Video)

Interpreter Corps - Allows students with advanced linguistic skills to apply to join DePaul's Translator and Interpreter Corps.

LAS Facebook Page - Find out about upcoming LAS events, faculty members in the news and announcements.

LAS Graduate Program Change Request Form - Allows LAS graduate students to change their graduate programs within a department. (View Instructions)

LAS Grants - Allows LAS students and faculty to access and submit Undergraduate Research Assistantship Program (URAP), Summer Undergraduate Research Grant (SURG) and Graduate Research Funding (GRF​) Program proposals.​

LAS Undergraduate Ad Hoc Registration - Allows LAS students to request ad hoc registration sessions and staff in the undergraduate office to facilitate these requests.​​​ (View Instructions)

LAS Undergraduate Petition for Exception to Policy - Allows LAS students to request an exception to undergraduate academic policy. (View Instructions)

Late Withdrawal Form - A​​llows LAS graduate and undergraduate students to request a late course withdrawal.​

MPH Practicum - Allows current MPH students to review and submit their practicum forms.

MSW Internships - Allows current MSW students to search for and view currently available internships and organizations.

Pass/Fail/Audit Form - Allows LAS graduate and undergraduate students to submit a request to audit a course or take a course Pass/Fail. (View Instructions)

Student History Conference Submission Form - Allows LAS students to submit a proposal for the Student History Conference.

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