Writing, Rhetoric, and Discourse

Master of Arts in New Media Studies

New Media Studies is an interdisciplinary program offered by WRD that draws on faculty expertise in other units—Art, Media, & Design, and the College of Communication.  By joining critical interpretation and situated practical action, NMS prepares its graduates to function as productive and responsible individuals in the evolving social contexts created by the new media.

In small core courses, working collaboratively with each other and professional engaged faculty members, students will gain:

  • An understanding of how rhetoric and visual aesthetics—how visual, image-based communication differs from and interrelates with text (language) based communication

  • An understanding of the technical and practical necessities (planning, budgeting, scripting) of moving a project from idea to completion

  • An ability to apply rhetorically sophisticated strategies for designing and producing web sites as delivery systems for technical information and creative expression

  • A capacity to work well individually and as part of a team charged with solving a communications problem using new media technologies

  • The potential to compete for employment in contexts defined by new media design, production, and criticism

Students take core courses in the history and theory of media and technology, graphic design, and relationships among text and image. Courses chosen from a wide array of approved electives—production and/or theory-based courses in departments across the university—round out students' self-defined programs of study. The program concludes with the creation of individual digital portfolios tailored to each student's career goals.

To learn more about WRD's M.A. in New Media Studies, visit the NMS site.