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Student Spotlight

The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences is proud of the many accomplishments of our students. In their research and writing, creative work, conference presentations, and community engagement activities, we see humanistic leadership in action. And as LAS students apply for, and win, prestigious awards and scholarships, move into top graduate and professional schools, or embark on exciting and meaningful careers, they bring the power of their education to bear on the issues and challenges of our world.

  • Kyla Patterson
    BA-Writing, Rhetoric and Discourse

    Kyla Patterson won a Fulbright for 2017-18 and will be working with school aged children in the Czechia (new name for the Czech Republic) teaching English and studying literacy in Czechia as part of the English Teach Assistant Program. She will also be expected to engage with the Czech community, and given her previous experience working with women's organizations, she plans on working closely with groups that support and promote gender equality.

  • Bushra Amiwala
    Minor-Community Service Studies

    Bushra is an Education major, with a minor in Community Service Studies. Recently she has launched her campaign for Cook Count commissioner of the 13th District, which includes Evanston, as college freshman. She credits her decision to an interaction with first- and third-graders. Her goal is to empower young people and those in minority communities through her candidacy, proving that they too have a place in politics.

  • Brooke Robinson

    The Illinois Geographic Information Systems Association gave Brooke Robinson, BA Geography, its 2016 undergraduate student scholarship at its annual conference, held in Lisle, IL, October 17-19, 2016.

  • Anna Fechtor
    BA-French and Peace Justice
    Conflict Studies

    Anna received funding from the Babel Initiative to conduct a research project in Istanbul entitled “Istanbul as an Emerging Global Commodity: Understanding Local Agency in the Face of Urban Regeneration.” The Babel Initiative is a a student association, based at Sciences Po in Menton, France, that aims to increase the understanding of diverse cultures and countries of the Mediterranean and the MENA region, operating as a platform to support student-initiated research projects. Sciences Po focuses on political, economic and social issues in Mediterranean countries, the Middle-East and the Gulf. Coursework can be done in French, English and Arabic. It is one of the six campuses to which DePaul students have access through the Sciences Po exchange agreement with DePaul University.

  • Amy Halloran
    BA-International Studies
    and Geography

    Amy and Keavy McFadden jointly won the Illinois Geographic Information Systems Association (ILGISA) spatial analysis map competition. ILGISA asked members to produce two maps that analyzed the best sites to host conferences, one north of Kankakee, one south of Kankakee. Competitors were to incorporate elements like access to transportation, hotel and restaurant facilities, etc. In 2015, Amy received further recognition from ILGISA, receiving an Outstanding Student Award and subsequently achieved second place in the GeoTech/URISA national undergraduate geospatial technology skills competition for her analysis "Toxic Mapping with Python and GIS: Exploring Relationships Between Carcinogen Dumping and Cancer."

  • Joseph Arcus

    Joseph Arcus' paper “New Commerce, New City: Economic Shifts and Urban Change in Budapest, 1990 to Present,” was presented at the West Lakes/East Lakes Conference of the American Association of Geographers at Northern Michigan University in October, 2016. He was awarded second place in the undergraduate oral presentation competition. His presentation was based on work that he began in DePaul's Study Abroad program to Hungary, where he collected data to examine housing change and urban development in Budapest.

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