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Alyssa Garcia

​​​Dr. Garcia received her BA in Cross-Cultural Psychology from Brown University and earned her Master’s and PhD in Anthropology from University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. She is currently the Ida B Wells Postdoctoral Fellow in African and Black Diaspora Studies at DePaul University. Her teaching and research interests include Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Ethnic-Latina/o Studies, Intersectionality, Critical Race Theory, and Feminist Ethnography. Dr. Garcia’s research examines intersections of race, gender, and sexuality in Cuba through an analysis of discourses of sex-work and the body. Her manuscript, “Moral Discourses, Regulated Bodies: Sex, the State, and Subjectivity in Cuba,” is a historically grounded ethnography that traces chronologically the public supervision and state regulation of black female bodies in Cuba. Dr. Garcia’s more recent project investigates the secondary migrations of the Dominican community in the state of Pennsylvania. Her selected publications include: "Continuous Moral Economies: The State Regulation of Bodies and Sex-Work in Cuba, Sexualities" (2010); "Situating Race, Navigating Belonging: Mapping Afro-Cuban Identities in the U.S.", Latina/o Research Review (2009); and "Counter-Stories of Race and Gender: Situating the Experiences of Latinas in the Academy", Latino Studies Journal (2005).​​​