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Alumni Spotlight

Griffin Hardy, CTH Alumnus

Griffin Hardy and Sr. Helen Prejean

Griffin Hardy began an internship his junior year with DePaul’s Office of Mission and Values, which works closely with Sr. Helen Prejean. Prejean's work against capital punishment was made famous by the 1996 Academy Award-winning film “Dead Man Walking,” based on her eponymous book. Upon graduation, Catholic Studies major Griffin Hardy will continue to work with Sr. Helen Prejean's organization Ministry Against the Death Penalty as well as DePaul University's Office of Mission and Values. Hardy also hopes to go to law school to become a public defender.  Read more about Griffin here.

Emily Lahood, CTH Alumna

After graduating from DePaul, Emily moved to Seattle, WA to pursue a job at the Intercommunity Peace and Justice Center, a Catholic, justice-based non-profit. There, she worked as a Justice Education Coordinator, researching and educating the community on human trafficking and modern day slavery, as well as developing faith sharing curriculum and prayer services around various social justice issues.  Emily also spent time working as a Youth and Young Adult Minister at Sacred Heart Parish in Bellevue, WA. Currently, Emily is back at DePaul working as the Ministry Coordinator for Service Immersions in the Vincentian Community Service Office. Feel free to stop by the office to share a cup of tea, chat about theology, and to sign up for a service immersion!

Dominika Kolpack, CTH Alumna

I have been working at Cometa Formazione for almost 10 months now, and I can safely say that it has been one of the most important and enriching experiences in my life. Cometa is a vocational school in Como Italy, a city with one of the highest dropout rates in Italy. I teach English in the carpentry sector of the school, where students learn what it really means to become an artisan and a craftsman when working with wood. Many of students have a background of hardships in school, and some come from difficult families; therefore, it is easy to imagine that teaching English to them has been a challenge. The students need constant motivation and encouragement to understand that learning a foreign language is not only useful for their future work, but that it can be exciting and beautiful. One of the most amazing experiences here has been to see how the students learn to trust and follow you as the months of the school year pass by. As a first time teacher, I was unaware of just how strong the bond with students can become so that offering up afternoons for individual study with them becomes something completely natural and enjoyable! As a teacher here in Cometa, I am learning what teaching really means and just how important the role of the educator is for society in general. It gives a possibility to change lives, touch hearts, and grow enormously! ​