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Faculty Spotlight

  • Paula McQuade

    Paula McQuade

    We sat down with Paula McQuade to discuss her forthcoming book Catechisms and Women's Writing in Seventeenth-Century England
  • Stan Chu Ilo

    Stan Chu Ilo

    Fr. Stan Chu Ilo Receives an Award for His Work with Canadian Samaritans for Africa​

  • Scott Moringiello

    Scott Moringiello

    ​​In this video, Associate Professor Scott Moringiello describes his Spring Quarter 15-16 class CTH 266: Contemporary Spiritual Memoirs.​​
  • Morgen MacIntosh Hodgetts

    Morgen MacIntosh Hodgetts

    In this video interview, Special Collections Instruction Librarian Morgen MacIntosh Hodgetts discusses her experience sharing DePaul's Catholic Archives with a course on Vatican II taught by Emanuele Colombo.​
  • Mark Potosnak

    Mark Potosnak

    Associate Professor Mark Potosnak taught a course on Pope Francis’ recent encyclical on the environment. In this interview, he discusses the importance of this document and shares insights into his course.​