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Matthieu Brejon de Lavergnée (Nov 2020)

The Streets as a Cloister: History of the Daughters of Charity, 17th-18th centuries (New City Press, 2020, 665 pp.)

The Daughters of Charity are today the largest community of Catholic women, with 15,000 sisters in about 100 countries. They devote their lives to serving the poorest in hospitals, schools, and care centers for homeless or migrants, as well as working to promote social justice. Until now, however, the history of the Daughters of Charity has been almost wholly neglected. The opening of their central archives, combined with access to many public and private archives, has finally allowed this to be remedied.

By this fine study, Brejon de Lavergnée puts all historians of religion in his debt and also provides the raw materials that will now need to be digested by historians of women, work, medicine, and relief of the poor.

--Colin Jones, Queen Mary University of London, The Catholic Historical Review

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