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Scott Moringiello

​​​Professor Scott D. Moringiello's Book

Scott D. Moringiello

In October, the Catholic University of America Press published Professor Scott D. Moringiello’s book, The Rhetoric of Faith: Irenaeus and the Structure of the Adversus Haereses. In the book, Professor Moringiello argues that the Adversus Haereses, the opus magnum of second-century bishop and saint, Irenaeus, of Lyon ought to be understood in light of categories familiar to the Greco-Roman rhetorical tradition. Professor David Meconi, SJ of Saint Louis University has said of the book: “A very fine and much-needed analysis of the Adversus Haereses...Moringiello cleverly steps back and offers a coherent argument for why Irenaeus structured the Adversus Haereses the way he does. The scholarship is sound, accurate, and convincing!” The department congratulates Professor Moringiello on this achievement.