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Byungyun Yang

Ph.D., University of Georgia
M.S., Kyung Hee University
B.S., Kyung Hee University

Professor Yang is a broadly trained GIS scientist with an interdisciplinary perspective and particularly specializing in GIS modeling, Web GIS, GIS Spatial Statistics, Geovisualization, GIS-based 3D City model. His recent research interests involve developing dynamic Web GIS applications (VGI or PPGIS), visualizing 3D Landscape, 3D building models, and GIS based immersive technologies in urban areas. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in a field of Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing, and a certified Mapping Scientist, certified by the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS).

Courses Offered:
GEO241 Geographic Information Systems I
GEO441 GIS for Community Development
GEO3/491 Statistical Data Analysis for GIS
GEO442 GIS for sustainable Development
GEO3/447 Web GIS and Spatial Data Visualization on the Web

Selected Publications:
Byungyun Yang. 2016. GIS based 3D Landscape Visualization for Promoting Citizen’s Awareness of Coastal Hazard Scenarios in Flood Prone Tourism Towns, Applied Geography, 76(2016) 85~97.

Byungyun Yang, M. Kim, and M. Madden, 2012. Assessing Optimal Image Fusion Methods for Very High Spatial Resolution Satellite Images to Support Coastal Monitoring, GIScience and Remote Sensing 49(5), 687-710.

Byungyun Yang, M. Madden, T.R. Jordan and J.W. Kim. 2012. Geospatial Analysis of Barrier Island Beach Availability, Tourism Management, 33(4), 840-854.

Byungyun Yang, C. Hwang, K.H. Cordell, 2012. Use of LiDAR Shoreline Simulation for Analyzing Revetment Rock Beach Protection: A Case Study of Jekyll Island State Park, Ocean and Coastal Management, 69(2012), 1~15.

Byungyun Yang, M. Madden, T. R. Jordan, and K.H. Cordell, 2012, Geospatial Methods for Demarcating Barrier Islands, Ocean & Coastal Management, 55(1), 42-51

Byungyun Yang, 2012. Investigating Ways of Developed and Undeveloped Features from Satellite Images -Balancing Coastal Development and Preservation, Journal of the Korean Society of Surveying, Geodesy, Photogrammetry and Cartography (i.e., Korean Journal of Geomatics), 30(2).

Byungyun Yang, C. Hwang, 2012. Semi-Automated Extraction of Geographic Information using KOMPSAT 2-Analyzing Image Fusion Methods and Geographic Objected-Based Image Analysis, Journal of the Korean Geographical Society, 47(2), 282-296.

Byungyun Yang, H.Song, J. Kim, 2010. Developing a Reinforced Heritagescape using GIScience: A Case Study of Gyeongju, South Korea, International Journal of Tourism Sciences, 10(2), 1-34.

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