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Geography Nature-Society Studies (Minor)

The minor in Geography Nature-Societies Studies offers an overview of how earth’s physical landscape is impacted by humans and natural phenomena, including urban encroachment, climate change and geopolitical decisions.​

Course Requirements​

Courses should be selected with the consent of the student’s Geography faculty advisor.​

​A student completing a Geography Nature-Society Studies minor is eligible to simultaneously complete a GIS Certificate. Only GEO 241 and/or GEO 243 from the Nature-Society Studies minor can be applied to a GIS Certificate. A student wishing to complete a Geography Nature-Society Studies minor and a GIS Certificate will complete a minimum of 9 Geography courses. Please see a faculty advisor in the Department of Geography for further details. Students majoring in Geography (BA) or minoring in Geography or Urban Geography and Planning are restricted from earning this minor. ​​​

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