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Geography (BA)

In the Geography program you will learn how to apply methods such as observation, visualization, analysis and modeling to explain the spatial relationships between people and their physical environments.

Take advantage of the department’s cutting-edge technical resources and hands-on research approach; learn how to use tools such as Google Earth, satellite image processing, computer mapping, global positioning systems (GPS) and geographic information systems (GIS) to stay ahead of industry trends.

In addition to a variety of combined degree programs, we offer a combined bachelor’s + master’s degree in Geography and Secondary Education Social Science, which allows you to complete a bachelor’s degree and a graduate degree in as few as five years.

We also offer the 3+3 BA/JD Program, which allows high-achieving first-year undergraduate students to be admitted simultaneously to the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (LAS) and the College of Law (LAW). You’ll complete your first three years in LAS and your final three years in LAW.


Sample Courses:

  • Physical Geography
  • Urbanization
  • Earth’s Cultural Landscape
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Geographical Inquiry
  • Sustainable Urbanism
  • Weather and Climate

Program Concentrations/Tracks:

  • Standard Concentration
  • Environment and Society
  • GIS and Geotechnology
  • Urban Development and Planning

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