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Faculty Spotlights

Tera Agyepong, African American History and Legal History

Tera Agyepong
Tera Eva Agyepong joined the department having completed her JD/PhD with Northwestern University's School of Law and Department of African American Studies. Professor Agyepong's research and teaching interests lay at the intersection of history, race, gender, and the law. Her forthcoming book, The Criminalization of Black Children: Race, Gender, and the Construction of Delinquency in Chicago’s Juvenile Justice System, 1899-1945, examines African American children's experiences in Cook County’s early juvenile justice system. Apart from her research and writing, she is the director of the department’s pre-law concentration and of the minor in the History of Law and a member of the African and Black Diaspora steering committee.

Professor Agyepong was the inaugural LeRoy D. Sanders and Mary Clare McHugh Sanders Endowed Professor in the History Department for the academic year 2016-2017.

Professor Agyepong’s course list:
HST 246 – African American History to 1800
HST 247—African American History 1800-1900
HST 248—African American History 1900-Present
HST 329—Race, Gender, and the Law
HST 388—The Supreme Court and Bill of Rights

Juan Mora-Torres, Latin American History

Juan Mora-Torres
Juan Mora-Torres completed his PhD at the University of Chicago and joined DePaul’s history department in 2002. His research and teaching interests include Latin American history with an emphasis on the history of the border. His book The Making of the Mexican Border was published by University of Texas Press in 2001. As a side project, Professor Mora-Torres is an editor for the non-profit bilingual online monthly magazine “El BeiSMan” based out of Pilsen, a Mexican community in Chicago. Apart from his writing, Professor Mora-Torres has been the Travel Abroad Program Director in the Merida, Mexico study abroad trip at DePaul and sits on the committee of the Center for Latino Research/Latin American and Latino Studies Program.

Professor Mora-Torres’s course list:
HST 121 – Latin America to c.1765
HST 122 – Latin America, 1765-1914: The Long 19th Century
HST 200 – Mexico After Independence
HST 206 – Mexico: Olmecs to Independence
HST 312 – Latinos in the United States
HST 368 – Social Movements in Latin America
HST 369 – Revolutions in Latin America
HST 387 – Comparative Latin American Borderlands
HST 384 – Special Topics in American History: Chicano History
HST 390 – Capstone in Historical Research & Writing
HST 392 – Public History Internship

Kerry Ross, Japanese and East Asian History

Kerry Ross

Kerry Ross is an associate professor who joined DePaul’s history department in 2008 after completely her PhD at Columbia University. Her research and teaching interests include modern Japanese and East Asian social and cultural history including Japanese photography history. Professor Ross recently published her book, Photography for Everyone: The Cultural Lives of Cameras and Consumers in Early Twentieth Century Japan, which examines the magazines and merchandise that promoted photography to ordinary Japanese people in the early twentieth century alongside a retail and consumer revolution that marketed a modern, tasteful, middle-class lifestyle. Apart from her research and writing, Professor Ross is also involved with the Japanese Studies Program and partakes in the Japan Study Abroad trip offered at DePaul.

Professor Ross’s course list:
HST 161 – East Asia to c.1200
HST 162 – East Asia c.1200-1800
HST 163 – East Asia c.1800-Present
HST 230 – Politics & Culture in Medieval Japan
HST 263 – Japan to c.1200
HST 264 – Japan c.1200-1800
HST 265 – Japan, c.1800-Present
HST 339 – History from Pictures: Visual Culture in East Asian History
HST 340 – Culture & Gender in Japan
HST 390 – Capstone in Historical Research & Writing