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Recent Faculty Publications

Since spring 2012, our History department faculty have continued to publish fascinating research on a broad range of topics, including the following books:

Thomas Mockaitis, ed., The Iraq War: A Documentary and Reference Guide (Greenwood, 2012);

Lisa Sigel, Making Modern Love: Sexual Narratives and Identities in Interwar Britain (Temple, 2012)

Thomas Foster, ed., Documenting Intimate Matters: Primary Sources for a History of Sexuality in Early America (Chicago, 2012).

Colleen Doody, Detroit’s Cold War: The Origins of Postwar Conservatism (Illinois, 2012). 

They have also published an impressive variety of articles, including the following:

Thomas A. Krainz, "Conflict and Fire: Community Tensions Surrounding the Big Blowup," Pacific Northwest Quarterly 103 (Winter 2011/2012): 13-24. Krainz, "Fleeing the Big Burn: Refugees, Informal Assistance, and Welfare Practices in the Progressive Era," Journal of Policy History 24 (2012): 405-431;

Félix Masud-Piloto, “Cuban Exiles, the Cold War and the Politics of Immigration,” Exile and the Politics of Exclusions in the Americas (2012): 136-145;

Andrew Miller, "To 'Frock' a Cleric: The Gendered Implications of Mutilating Ecclesiastical Vestments in Medieval England," Gender & History, Vol.24 No.2 August 2012: 271-291;

Thomas Mockaitis, “The minimum force debate: contemporary sensibilities meet imperial practice”,Small Wars and Insurgencies, 23, nos. 4-5 (2012): 762-780;

Lisa Sigel, “Fashioning Fetishism from the Pages of London Life”, Journal of British Studies 51, no. 3 (2012): 664-684.