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Anthony G. Miller

Social and Religiopolitical History of the Middle Ages; Clerics, Knights, Masculinity, and Gender in Medieval England

Teaching Interests
Ancient Rome: Augustus to Constantine (HST 285)
Crusades (HST 365)
England to 1688 (HST 292)
Europe, 400-1400 C.E. (HST 171)
God, Self, and Society in Medieval Culture (HST 316)
History in Global Contexts: The First Crusade (HON 102)
History in Global Contexts: The Vikings (HON 102)
History in Global Contexts: Witchcraft (HON 102)
Vikings: Medieval Ambassadors of Terror, Trade and Multiculturalism (HST 217)
Western Europe: From Renaissance to Enlightenment: 1348 to 1789 (HST 172)
Witchcraft in the Western World: Gender, Culture, and the Law (HST 238)