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Registration FAQ

How does registration actually take place?

Registration occurs basically in three ways:

In many cases matriculated degree candidates in IDS may simply use the online registration system through Campus Connection to register for courses. 
In other cases, registration must be arranged through the IDS Program Director in conjunction with the chair of the department in which the IDS student wishes to register.

In still other cases, registration must be arranged with the Coordinator of the Graduate Office of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, who then secures the consent of the chair or director of the unit in which the student wishes to register.

Why does registration work this way?

IDS students receive the special privilege of taking courses in programs which ordinarily require a rigorous admission process. In turn these programs maintain registration oversight by an individualized registration process. For example, when an IDS student takes a course in Kellstadt, he or she will be in a class of MBA candidates. Although the description of the process makes it seem cumbersome, the special arrangements that IDS has made with the various schools enable registration to happen smoothly and efficiently, provided that the student contact the IDS office in sufficient time to make the arrangements.

How do I know which courses require which method of registration?

In general, you may register directly online for courses in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, the College of Education, and the School of Computer Science, Telecommunications and Information Systems, which do not have prerequisites and are not discussed on this page. Also in general you will need to request the IDS Director to make a request to another chair or director for courses in LAS, Education and CTI, which are part of departmental cores, etc.

Instructions for Kellstadt Course Request Form

The for​m only applies to graduate-level Kellstadt classes.  You can self-register via CampusConnect for all other approved 300-level commerce courses.  Please do not contact Kellstadt professors for registration as they cannot add students to closed courses. Students may take up to five (5) Kellstadt courses in their graduate academic program.  With questions about course availability, contact Susan Jacobs by e-mail or at (773) 325-8689.

  • Complete the first section of the form with your most accurate contact and personal information for enrollment.  This will ensure a smooth process.
  • Then select First Choice and Alternate courses you would like to take in Kellstadt.  IDS students must also include the classes requested on this form on the List of Courses (LOC). 
  • Please be sure you are able to take both the First Choice and Alternate courses you request on this form, should your first choice be unavailable.  You will automatically be registered for the alternate course (if open) if your first course choice is not available.
  • Once fully completed, submit the form before or during registration time for the term you are seeking. Our office needs time to clear your request through the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences and Kellstadt.  Please submit the completed form to the MALS & IDS Programs by e-mail to Associate Director, Susan Jacobs
  • You can verify registration in the Kellstadt class by checking your schedule on CampusConnect within a two-week period.

Please fill out the form completely.  All of the necessary course information can be found online by logging into  If you have any questions about the form, or are seeking to modify your program, please contact the MALS & IDS Programs’ office at (773) 325-7840.  Please discuss any proposed program changes with either the Program Director Dr. David Gitomer, or the Associate Director Susan Jacobs, both who are available for advising appointments.