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Interdisciplinary Studies (MS)

The Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) program is a creative alternative to more rigid traditional, discipline-specific graduate programs. When you choose IDS, you take on the exciting challenge of creating your own curriculum and unique plan for learning.

The program offers:

  • An individual, self-designed graduate program of study
  • The ability to combine various academic disciplines
  • A choice of courses in most colleges and schools

Program Highlights

The IDS program recognizes the emerging changes in society, business and the workplace and offers a course of study that is designed to meet your academic and professional goals. We offer a wide-range of courses in the social sciences, humanities, education and business to provide maximum customization while maintaining high standards.

Program Structure

You'll submit a list of courses for approval that will make up your individualized program, and a final capstone project or paper is required. There are four options:

  • Two involving a 12-course, 48-credit hour program culminating in a thesis or thesis-like project
  • Two involving a 13-course, 52 credit hour program culminating in a final paper in the 13th course

The thesis option provides you with a chance to combine the many disciplines of the program in a coherent and original piece of scholarly or professional work. It can be especially valuable if you are considering a career change or further academic work.

Program Participants

IDS is a program for people who want to push the boundaries of college education. If you are only interested in communication, business or philosophy, IDS probably is not the right graduate program for you. But if you want to study communication and business or computer science, telecommunications and public policy, then IDS is the place for you. Students seeking a combination of flexible options and academic challenges are natural IDS candidates.