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Kelly Gosa

Program: INT Master's Program
Year of Graduation: 2013
Thesis focus & research interests: US-Libya relations, Middle East and North Africa, International Relations Theory, nationalism

How did the International Studies Program impact you?
The INT program changed the way I interpret the world and my existence in it. It forced me to critically think and learn more about aspects of everyday life and global affairs for their historic explanations and contemporary relevance. It is a an academic journey that will undoubtedly reprogram the way in which you view every aspect of the world. Dr. Kaveh Ehsani made a significant impact on my studies and overall program experience.

What are some of your major accomplishments since graduating from INT?
After my INT studies, I had the urge to work abroad. My wanderlust inspired work as cabin crew for Emirates Airline based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This was an amazing experience that offered compensation to travel the world. Shortly after, I reconnected with the university setting as a Student Activities Coordinator at the American University in Dubai. I have been fortunate to work with an extremely diverse international student population, staff and faculty. I have assisted and volunteered with meaningful student-initiated programs such as teaching English to workers, supporting wild life initiatives, assisting with small-scale student organization relief efforts and working with study abroad students who wish to learn more about the UAE. The student leaders have inspired my continued Student Affairs work as I strive to create and enhance critical extracurricular opportunities and emphasize the importance of community involvement of which my INT education has proven extremely helpful.

What are you doing now?
Currently, I am the Assistant Director of Student Life at Rochester Institute of Technology's Dubai campus (RIT Dubai). At RIT Dubai, I aspire to assist students with their university experience and engage them in extracurricular activities which I believe ultimately cultivates socially responsible global citizens.

Do you have any advice for current or prospective INT students who want to pursue an INT-related field?
The INT program is challenging and the brilliant faculty have high expectations. The program attracts an exceptionally well-rounded cohort of students of which you will learn a great deal from as they typically come from different academic backgrounds and life experiences. Take the time to get to know both your professors and peers. You will realize very quickly that this endeavor not only requires substantial intrinsic motivation, but a strong support network. If you do the work, and finish your thesis, you will reap the INT program benefits in your daily life and future academic and professional pursuits​​​