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Dr. Ester Trujillo

Professor Trujillo is an interdisciplinary scholar of Central American Studies and Chicana and Chicano Studies and is the author of Becoming Salvi: Crafting Salvadoran Ethnic Identity in the Diaspora – forthcoming from the University of Arizona Press. In the book, Trujillo explores how U.S.-born Salvadorans construct and navigate ethnic boundaries in Southern California. Her areas of research and teaching include ethno-racial identity formation, intergenerational historical memory, and Central American immigrant integration. Her work has been published in Camino Real, Aztlan: A journal of Chicano Studies, the Latino Studies Journal, the Journal of Latin American and Latino Studies, and Remezcla. She is a Woodrow Wilson Fellow, a Mellon Mays Fellow, and was a Visiting Scholar of Race and Ethnicity at Brown University in 2020-2021. She is deeply committed to social justice initiatives impacting the lives of people of color and immigrants in Chicago.