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Graduate Program

Graduate students in the MALS Program choose one of three concentrations to complete 48 or 52 credit hours of graduate study. The MALS program consists of three elements: the core courses, the electives and the Culminating Project.

The program offers four capstone options, two involving a twelve-course, 48-credit hour program culminating in a thesis or thesis-like project, and two involving a thirteen-course, 52 credit hour program culminating in a final paper in the thirteenth course. Complete details may be found in the LAS Graduate Bulletin under the respective programs. Many people find interdisciplinary graduate programs appealing because they offer flexibility in addressing individual educational needs. Moreover, interdisciplinary graduate programs are more than the sum or their parts: they enable students to make connections between various fields of learning. DePaul University offers several interdisciplinary graduate programs.

In the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, the Interdisciplinary Studies Program and the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies Program are sister programs, jointly administered. The MALS Program is primarily oriented toward the liberal arts and education. Students who wish to pursue an interdisciplinary program with a greater component of non-liberal arts courses should consider our Master of Arts/Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies Program.